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Organic foods are foods produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming. It supports cycling of resources, ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.
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We ensure that our clients are able to attain the best prices within the market.Our prices are mostly based on the cost incurred during packaging and transportation to ensure that you get the most sustainable yield.



We are designed to assist equip importers with the best horticultural crops and fruits from Kenya and its environs.Our initiative goes as far as ensuring that we give our customers the best products within the country.Our team is also well equipped with right type of Mangoes and Avocados required to satisfy the demand of the global Market.We also ensure that proper storage is maintained on our products to avoid bad delivery of our perishables.We mainly deal with Apple,Kent,and Tommy Atkins Mangoes.We also supply hass and feurte Avocados from Kenya across different continents
LYNNEX COMPANY LIMITED is an export company mainly based in Kenya.We are here to ensure that our clientele gets the BEST QUALITY of HORTICULTURAL CROPS from Kenya and its environs at the BEST PRICE. We have set up base in Nairobi and have a huge clientele based mostly from EUROPE,USA,ASIA and THE MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES.



Lynnex Company was started in the year 2009.The company has mainly dealt with and not limited to the exportation of Horticultural crops such as french beans, Avacados and mangoes to the middle eastern countries,Europe and the united states of america. We currently have an operational office at Beverly court, Hurlingam,Chaka Place,Marcus Garvey Road Nairobi. Kindly contact us in order to know more about our company and more so the products we offer.We believe that our underlying value makes us succesful and give a reason to our customers to choose us their suppliers. These are;
– Uncompromised quality. We only quality, safe hygiene and fresh products.
– Sustainability and integrity. We make sure we always maintain a high level of integrity unethical behavior.
– Respect. Because we present and deal with a significant range of suppliers and customer, we recognize that each suppliers and customer relationship is unique and is a privilege to
– Service. Service is a cornerstone of our company and we always strive to improve

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This home delivery box full of fresh vegetables and fruits is pure heaven, especially during hot summer days when you want to have healthy food with lots of vitamins! Thank you!



I want my kids to stay healthy, so I prefer to cook fresh home meals as often as I can. Your green boxes are perfect for healthy cooking! Thank you for the wonderful service.



I am so delighted by your organic veggies and fruits! The foos is awesome and the service is simply amazing. Thanks for fast deliveries, my family appreciates your great job!



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